Our Story

Chapter after chapter of God's faithfulness

Story of Alive Church

While Alive Church has just recently officially been launched, it actually has a rich history, rooted in a great God-story! Alive Church originally started as Salt Church, and it began in the home of Bishops Jimmy and Jackie Davidson on Easter weekend in the year 2000. There were six people in attendance that day.

Through the leadership, sacrifice, and perseverance of Bishops Jimmy and Jackie Davidson, a faithful congregation and a beautiful (debt free!) church building were established in Spring, Texas. Our congregation continued to grow under their pastoral care.

In 2005, Pastors Jimmy and Karen Davidson were promoted as Senior Pastors. Salt Church continued to flourish under their leadership. In the summer of 2015, we added a third Sunday morning service to accommodate all of the people. That’s when we knew we had reached our capacity in our church building. It was time to find a new home. At the same time, we decided to change our name to match this new season of growth to Alive Church. In the fall of 2015, we launched into Oak Ridge High School. God has done amazing things and we continue to see lives transformed every week! It’s good to be Alive!